Invisible Fence® Compatible Dog Fence Collar Battery

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Invisible Fence® Power Caps™ (the specialized batteries for Invisible Fence® collars) are expensive. If you use an Invisible Fence®, you have probably found yourself shocked when your local dealer gives you an average price of $21 to $30 for a battery. Until now you’ve had no choice but to pay the exorbitant price or risk your dog’s safety. Now you can get a battery cap that performs just as well and saves you money!

Our Invisible Fence® Compatible Dog Fence Batteries consist of lithium-ion and have a high energy density, also keeping the weight down from your dog’s collar. With the components that make up this battery, it gives the power to last longer and have better safety factors then the normal battery.

Note that although colors may vary among Invisible Fence® brand receivers, our Invisible Fence® Compatible Dog Fence Battery is 100% guaranteed to work with all listed receivers.

  • Invisible Fence® Brand R21
  • Invisible Fence® Brand R22
  • Invisible Fence® Brand R55
  • Invisible Fence® Brand Microlite

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